The LAN Party was a success. With only a few problems with the network (file sharing) and some games not working right, I feel that it was overall a great first LAN. Also pictures are now up in the Pictures Section of the LAN Party site and will be added to the media section of the Berto Republic main site.


The LAN Party is tomorrow! If you have any questions on how to get to the LAN or what you should bring feel free to contact me.


At the LAN there will also be an Americas Army Tournament as well.  If you do not have a disc don't worry about downloading it, as we will have discs on hand for you to install with.


As of right now the LAN will start at 5:00PM for setup. You can eat before you come or you can wait til everyone is setup as there will be free pizza. The LAN will end around 8:00AM Sunday Morning, and everyone will need to clear out by 9:00AM.


There has been a date change to May 8th. This is so it fits better into the calendar and so it does not interfere with finals in the local school district.


Great News! Bawls has decided to sponsor the Berto Republic LAN Party, and now we shall have a case of Bawls that will be handed out for FREE, to all attendees. Thank You Bawls!


The new LAN Party site is up! you can now goto http://www.bertorepubliclanparty.tk to come directly to this site or you can go through the main Berto Republic site. Check out the Information page on the upcomming LAN Party.

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