Date: May 08 2004
Time: TBA
Location: Will be announced only to registered members.
Events: BF1942 Tournement, BFV Tournement, UT2003 Tournement, UT2004 Demo Tournament, XBOX HALO Tournament. Before and After tournements will enclude deathmatch games.


What to Bring:

Computer (Including but not limited to: Power Cables, Monitor Cable, Keyboard, Mouse, ect..)
Headphones (NO SPEAKERS!)
Long CAT-5 Network Cable (5+ Feet Recommended)
Game CDs (Also bring the case they come in because you may need the CD-Key on the case)
Operating system CD and driver disks (just in case!)
Money (for needed equipment, novelties, food, drinks, ect..)
Pillow and blanket (in case you need a "power-nap")

What not to Bring:

Powered speakers, UPS, Backup Systems (these drain too much power and we do not permit them)
Drugs, viruses (VIRII), cheating codes or cheat software
NO Alcoholic beverages!
No Weapons. This should go without saying, but anyone who brings in knives, swords, guns (with or without a permit), grenades, rocket launchers, ect.. will be asked to leave the event.

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