Certainly has been a while..... -- Posted by Berto on Thursday, March 16 2006
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So, I havent updated the news since June 27, 2005. I uploaded all my pictures from the Microsoft Imagine Cup, and my Trip to Italy a long time ago, but never even bothered to change the pictures page. So here are the Imagine Cup Software Design Invitational Pictures and the Italy Trip pictures. Sometime in the near future, I plan on switiching to the "new" layout, and implementing a new photo gallery, as soon as I work out the kinks.

In other news, the forums on this site have been used for spam. Essentially "members" are posting posts that are very simple with signatures that include links to products. Google then scans my web site and finds these links. Ive managed to delete some accounts and delete posts, and if this continues much longer ill have to put the message boards in an archive mode.

Back -- Posted by Berto on Monday, June 27 2005
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So its been a while since ive been back and updated this site.

For those of you who didnt know I won second place in the Rocky Mountain Regional at the 2005 Imagine Cup US National Finals. Bradley University from Peoria, Ill. won 3rd and Georga Tech won 1st (team of two graduate students). And since I won second place I will be also receiving a $750 check from Microsoft soon.

Still a month since the Imagine Cup happened and people are still comming around and talking to me about the thing and asking about my program. I wouldnt think people would still be remembering it. Heck even the Frito-Lay guy who ive never seen talked to me about just the other day while he was stocking the Doritos.

Ill be putting up the pictures from the Imagine Cup soon.

The Italy trip was great. Did lots of fun and exciting things along with a few unexciting things (damn demonstrations). Ill have those pictures up too soon.

And because I will be uploading all these new pictures some of the pictures on here will be deleted from the server. They will probably be some of the school pictures.

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