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System Information tool

System Information Tool displaying the Operating System Info.
System Information Tool will be Berto Republic's first released software product. Berto Republic System Information Tool can display much needed information about your computer system.
  • Operating System Information (Version, User Name, Computer Name, Windows Directory)
  • Computer Information (Manufacturer, Model, System Type, Total Physical Memory Installed)
  • Processor (CPU) Information
  • Bios Version
  • Drives (HDD, CD/DVD, Floppy/Removable Disk, Network) Information (Serial Number, File System, Drive Letter, Free Space on disk, Drive Capacity)
  • Network Configuration
  • Memory Statistics
  • Current Processes (Task Manager)
The System Information Tool will begin to be available in Unfinished Betas soon, and Release Canidate Betas right before full product release.

System Requirements:

  • Microsoft Windows 2000 or XP (98, 95 Supported with WMI Patch)
  • Microsoft .NET Framework v1.1 or higher